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I have just finished my orthodontic treatment and WOW! What a difference it has made to my teeth and also my confidence!
The staff at The Specialist Orthodontic Practice were really friendly and explained everything they were going to do. Everyone working there helped to make my visits as pleasant as possible and, believe it or not, I always looked forward to coming back for my next appointment.


Before I had my braces I was very self-conscious and not confident at all because my teeth were incredibly wonky. However, now I have had braces I feel a lot more confident and have made a lot of new friends. I would like to thank my orthodontist for making me feel at ease and very comfortable every time I visited.


I had lots of treatment but the time went quite quickly and I looked forward to going to my appointments. Now lots of people compliment me on how nice my teeth look. I am extremely pleased with the results. Everyone was very welcoming and answered all my queries. The orthodontist and his assistant always explained what they were doing and it made me feel comfortable knowing I was in good hands.


I wore my braces for two years and have gone from being very self-conscious about my teeth to outgoing and constantly smiling. Colin and his colleagues at The Specialist Orthodontic Practice did everything to make me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout my treatment. Having a brace fitted was the best thing I have ever done. It has changed my life dramatically.


The treatment I received from The Specialist Orthodontic Practice was excellent. Everyone was really friendly and made me feel at ease. The care and after care was exceptional. It has given me a really big boost to my confidence. I would recommend the practice to anyone.


I had braces for almost 18 months. Before I had them I felt I couldn't smile properly without looking stupid. My teeth were all over the place. I had teeth behind each other and facing the wrong way etc. Now my teeth are all straight and I am proud to smile. My orthodontist was, Simon Jackson. The myth of dentists being scary is rubbish. This man alone proves that, he was nice and seemed happy every time I saw him. He let me know what he was doing to my teeth each time and I have been so impressed by his work it has inspired me to look at dentistry as a career.


Colin, my orthodontist always made me feel so relaxed by being so friendly and always making me laugh. I liked being able to have the choice of everything that happened to me because it made me feel more confident. Now my treatment is over I feel so pleased to have chosen The Specialist Orthodontic Practice - now I'm happy to smile and laugh without feeling self-conscious.


After many years worrying about my crooked teeth (more so in my mid twenties when wisdom teeth made an appearance) I decided to do something about it and was referred to The Specialist Orthodontic Practice. Colin and his team made me feel at ease as my particular case was a long one-2 ½ years of visits but the happy nature and efficiency of the staff made me look forward to the visits each month. Now…I have amazing teeth and would recommend anyone considering a brace in their adulthood to do it. You won’t be disappointed.


I used to be self-conscious about my teeth. I wasn't confident in myself. However, since having had my braces taken off, I am literally the happiest person alive. You will never see me without a smile. I cannot stress how much it has changed my life. The staff at the Practice were lovely. They always made me feel welcome and comfortable in their company, giving me good advice on how to cope with braces. Overall, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. My teeth are amazing. I will always remember my experience at the Orthodontist's with all of you. Thank you so much.