How to Look after your Brace

How to Look After your Brace

Brace Care at The Specialist Orthodontic Practice in Epping

It’s important to look after your orthodontic appliance to ensure it works effectively and produces the desired results. This should include carefully brushing teeth after every meal, avoiding food that may damage your braces and visiting your dentist and hygienist as well as your orthodontist throughout the treatment process.

Advice for All Brace Types

Advice for All Brace Types

  • Oral hygiene is always extremely important but when you’re having orthodontic treatment it becomes crucial that you are extra vigilant with the techniques you use. Use interdental brushes for a thorough clean.
  • Brush your teeth after eating, whether you have a fixed brace or removable aligners like Invisalign. It’s a good idea to take a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you when you go out.
  • At The Specialist Orthodontic Practice we have Brace Care Packs for purchase at reception.
  • It’s very important to visit your own dentist and hygienist regularly throughout treatment so that they can monitor the health of your teeth and gums.
  • If your brace is lost or damaged and you can’t wear it let us know as soon as possible. We will advise you what to do and whether you need to make an emergency appointment.

Looking after your Fixed Braces

  • When wearing a fixed brace cut all your food into smaller pieces than usual. Biting into large pieces of hard food like apples, raw carrots or crusty bread with can loosen or damage the bracket components.
  • Avoid sugary and sticky foods and snacks, sweets and chocolates.
  • Avoid all fizzy drinks as these are acidic and can erode tooth enamel.
  • If you find some of the wires are rubbing your gums or cheeks we advise you to use orthodontic brace wax which is available at the practice. Tear off a small piece of wax and roll it into a little ball, gently stick this over any part of your braces that feels sharp. This is usually only needed for the first few weeks.
  • Biting pens or your fingernails may also result in damage to your braces and do not touch or play with your braces.
Looking after your Fixed Braces
Looking after your Removable Brace or Aligners

Looking after your Removable Brace or Aligners

  • Clean your aligners gently everyday with a toothbrush (holding it too firmly or applying heavy pressure can break it).
  • Once a week you can use a sterilising solution like Retainer Brite.
  • Your aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours a day and removed only for eating, tooth brushing or special occasions. Brush your teeth following every time you eat and before you put your aligners back in.
  • When your aligners or removable brace are not in your mouth never put them in a tissue or in your pocket as they are easily lost or damaged. Keep them in a special plastic case for aligners to keep them safe.
Looking After Your Removable Brace
Looking After Your Retainers

Looking after your teeth during orthodontic treatment

While undergoing orthodontic treatment, maintaining good oral hygiene is even more important than usual as food can easily get trapped in your brace, which can cause decay and gum problems.

Once our experienced team have fitted your orthodontic appliance, we’ll talk you through the brushing and cleaning that is required of both your teeth and your appliance during treatment. We also have a weekly Tooth Brushing Clinic to support your dental hygiene regime.

Find out about our Tooth Brushing Clinic

Looking after your teeth during orthodontic treatment
Brace Friendly Recipes

Brace Friendly Recipes

During certain orthodontic treatments such as fixed braces eating some of your favourite meals can be difficult. This is because hard and crunchy foods are best avoided. With this in mind our team have put together some recipes that are easy to eat. Check out our recipe page!


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